Yaimax: The company

In Yaimax Recycling Technology, our mission is to provide solutions to the different needs of the recycling industry, through innovative and creative proposals aimed at generating value to our customer.

Our team is highly qualified and experienced in this industry, and is our main tool in providing value in each of our business areas:


The continuous technological developments within the sector, force companies to constantly update equipment and recycling systems, in order to maintain high levels of performance and quality that achieve in turn, high levels of competitiveness. integral proposal for plastic recycling.

For that purpose, Yaimax Recycling Technology offers you the most innovative solutions and an integral proposal for plastic recycling.


The Yaimax brand includes the lines of products for the recycling industry, manufactured by the companies of the Castillo Group:

The machines and plants for the recycling of plastic materials, which are designed and manufactured by SCI Control S.L. (Company accredited with the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications), which includes the services of consulting and repair of machines.

The industrial blades, manufactured by Cuchillas Castillo S.L., leading company in the Spanish market of blades for the recycling of plastic, metal scrap and tire.