Recycling plant

Yaimax Integral Plant proposes a comprehensive turnkey solution, for a project of a new recycling plant. The phases of the project are:

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    Collection of information by our technical department

    We will value all details of the type of product, the current and future flow of quantities to be processed, the spatial organization, the needs of personnel, the environmental conditions and the time it takes to develop the project. This is possibly the most important phase of the project, and our focus is “working with and for the customer.” We know that your knowledge of what is intended, and your involvement in the project are instrumental for a good final result.

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    Analysis and processing of information

    Once analyzed and processed all the information, we will provide a technical and economic proposal, including structural (construction) and energy requirements, processing speeds and estimated performance, and the dates of each project phase.

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    When our technical team completes the implementation of all the elements, tests will be performed to verify the proper functioning of all the components of the plant and the whole.

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    Additionally you can hire our maintenance service, which delegates us the responsibility of having the machines in the best conditions and ensuring the highest durability


SIR philosophy of Integral Plant is based on customization, close-work with the client, right sizing, value creation, and providing the necessary solution at the lowest cost.