afiladora-yaimaxThe Yaimax grinding machine is designed both for professional users who give sharpening service to other companies, or for final consumers of blades , who need to have the service in their own facilities.

Its strong construction, along with the power of the head segments, provides a great grinding capacity, which greatly reduces sharpening times.

The control incorporates the latest electronic technology. His maneuvers are managed from a touch screen 5.5 “. The software is intuitive and friendly with drop down menus and text windows, allowing an extremely simple start process. It also incorporates inductive sensors of high quality.


The approach movement of the headings is performed with a stepper motor, which allows a tolerance of 0.001 mm., ready to be integrated into a production control network (Ethernet, Profibus, digital, etc.)

The electric devices allows to simplify the set to the maximum, providing high reliability and durability of the system. Mobile electrical lines are protected by polyamide tubes housed inside a plastic chain that provides high wear resistance.